Developing Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences

Take your product to the next level

We help you improve your products and reach new customers with Augmented and Virtual Reality applications and experiences. We design and develop each application in close cooperation with you.

We have expertise in HoloLens, ARKit, ArCore, WebXR, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality & HTC Vive family. Therefore we can achieve solutions utilizing one or a combination of platforms based on what you need.


With our expertise in developing Augmented and Virtual Reality applications we can bring your product to the next level. Find new ways to engage, boost productivity and reach new customers with the help of AR & VR.


Get ahead of the competition by taking full advantage of the latest technologies. We have been working with experimental tech and platforms for years and know how to get the most out of those.


Target multiple devices and platforms to reach maximum number of users. You don’t have to be limited just to AR or VR as we can bring your application to anywhere you need it. Desktop, mobile, web, you name it!


Here are some projects we have worked on, showcasing the multitude of target platforms and uses.


Application for viewing industrial models. Real-time IoT data can bind the model to a real world counterpart. Multiple users can view models together and communicate with live voice chat across all supported platforms.

HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows 10 PCs

AR Camera Filters

We have collaborated with several world-class stars, developing fun and flashy effects for the likes of Jordan Rudess, Bumblefoot and Poets of the Fall. The fans love to use these filters to show everyone who their favorite star is.

Mobile AR

From autographed digital memorabilia to more personalized content, like video messages and song feedback, is bringing the fans ever closer to their favorite stars.

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Web, Mobile AR

Mikkeli 3D Viewer

Originally developed for HoloLens and iOS, the viewer was moved to the web as a WordPress plugin to follow with the changing demand. Site visitors can view the model of Mikkeli wastewater treatment plant in 3D on their browser or in AR.

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Web, WebXR


Embedding 360 images with content like photos, IoT live data, application links and comments gives an unique way to explore and interact with real-life facilities from the comfort of your office.

Web, WebXR

Valmet IQ-Frame Training

Training app for teaching ins and outs of Valmet’s IQ quality control system maintenance. Multiple users can join a session across different platforms. An instructor using a mobile device guides the users through the maintenance process.

HoloLens, Mobile AR, Oculus Go

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